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Posted by on Feb 19, 2014 in Clean Eating, Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

The Power of Nutrition

“Let food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food.” ~ Hippocrates. Although it has been awhile since I have posted, I didn’t fall off the wagon, and I’m still reading lots of articles and books. I have become fascinated with how nutrition can and does affect your health. I have entrenched myself into nutrition. I have become amazed and at the same time, shocked just how antiquated so much about nutrition, health and medicine actually is. Nutrition is subjective. Food is personal. As I have learned from all my research and personal interactions, food can be as controversial and combative as politics! Some may call reading food labels and not buying or consuming certain foods, time consuming or extreme. I like to view it as being an informed consumer. Some will view information as scare tactics. But what should be frightening is what is actually in the food, not the fact that someone is telling you about it. The world is not static. It is ever changing....

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