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Posted by on Mar 8, 2014 in Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

Extra Extra: Another Misleading Headline about Food

A recent study, published in Cell Metabolism, looked at protein intake and link to increased mortality and cancer rates. The authors concluded that: These results suggest that low protein intake during middle age followed by moderate to high protein consumption in old adults may optimize healthspan and longevity.   News headlines around the world reported: Meat, dairy may be as detrimental to your health as smoking cigarettes, study says Diet high in meat, eggs and dairy could be as harmful to health as smoking cigarettes Perhaps many anti-Paleo folks gladly accepted this information and felt they were right to believe it was all a fad…  Yay. Dish out the pasta and grains, they exclaim. And it is reasonable to assume that most of the public was once again confounded with- O.M.G. What is healthy? And what is not healthy? These types of headlines may be good for ratings but not so great for nutrition. Nutrition is subjective enough as it is, and such misleading headlines negatively impacts the already...

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Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Clean Eating, Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

For The Love of Coffee

I will admit it, I (formerly) was a Starbucks Gold Card member. I had the app on my iPhone and it made getting my caffeine fix easy… and there is a Starbucks on every corner. Almost every where you go in the city, you see people holding Starbucks in their hands. Starbucks has become a status symbol; brand loyalty exists because they have become the face of coffee. The kleenex of coffee, if you will. Previously, I thought their lattes were better than Dunkin Donuts because the Starbucks espresso seemed to taste stronger. Mistakenly, I considered both Dunkin and McDonalds lattes to be more artificial, as Starbucks has successfully created an “experience” over just getting a coffee. Starbucks would probably argue their beans are better, but their coffee drinks do not actually contain higher quality ingredients than the former two, but they do charge more. I walked away from Starbucks about a year ago and I don’t miss it. It wasn’t until I started reading labels and being a...

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Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Clean Eating, Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

Current Events: Sugar Recommendations and New Food Labels Proposals

The World Health Organization has announced that they will change their sugar recommendations. Upon hearing the news, it sounded as if The WHO had lowered the recommended sugar intake by 50%, but it may not be their official stance. According to BBC News, this recommendation isn’t set. Announcing the new draft measures, the WHO said in a statement: “WHO’s current recommendation, from 2002, is that sugars should make up less than 10% of total energy intake per day. “The new draft guideline also proposes that sugars should be less than 10% of total energy intake per day. “It further suggests that a reduction to below 5% of total energy intake per day would have additional benefits.” Dr Francesco Branca, WHO’s nutrition director, told a news conference that the 10% target was a “strong recommendation” while the 5% target was “conditional”, based on current evidence. “We should aim for 5% if we can,” he added. The plans will now go for public consultation, with firm recommendations expected this summer. Considering...

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Posted by on Mar 2, 2014 in Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

Is it all Hype: Gluten Free, Paleo and non-GMO

Gluten free, non-GMO, and Paleo… it is all hype. Right? Hell yes, many shout. Well. Yes and No. Like this blog’s namesake, all those terms are buzzwords and are getting a lot of hype. Gluten free, non-GMO and Paleo are all hype IF you just latch onto the concepts without actually knowing what they mean. So, in that case- YES, it is all hype. Conviction without knowledge tends to muddy the waters of any subject matter.   You no longer have to go to a health food store to find Gluten free products. The food industry willingly is jumping onto that bandwagon if it means profits. Simply swapping out gluten for “gluten free” substitutes isn’t necessarily healthier. Most of the gluten free alternatives are still high in carbohydrates and still raises blood sugar higher than sugar itself. The only difference is, there is NO gluten (glue) to digest, but rice, tapioca and potato starch in large volumes  (or at the same volume of your previous wheat intake) isn’t doing...

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