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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

As American As Apple Pie?

As I continue to walk down the path of food and nutrition, I have found that anytime I mention the following 3 types of food I am considering giving up, people will look at me like I have two heads.

1) Dairy, more specifically, cow’s milk
2) Wheat
3) Peanut butter

Why is that?
Probably because those are the staple foods most of us grew up on.
As American as Apple Pie, right? It seemingly appears to be almost unpatriotic to say, dairy is not as good as we think.

I think with dairy, specifically cow’s milk, it is because it is so ingrained in the American diet and culture, that “milk does a body good”. And to bring up the discussion that milk isn’t as good as what we have been led to believe, it is like we are saying- they, we, have been wrong. No one likes to be wrong.

Ironically, I think more people are cool with updating their iPhones and iOS updates, than updating their thoughts on what is good or bad in regards to nutrition. We look at those weekly/ monthly updates as an improvement. I bet some could tell you what the differences are between versions, or what makes one app better than another, more than they could tell you the difference between sugars, or fats. Food people put into their body everyday, just goes in, without much question or thought.

We update our technology, why not our nutrition?

Perhaps it isn’t about being right or wrong, but rather an evolved view of past recommendations, and like with our apps, UPDATES.

In future posts, we will discuss those “Patriotic foods” and take a closer look at past and present views.

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