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Posted by on Mar 8, 2014 in Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

Extra Extra: Another Misleading Headline about Food

A recent study, published in Cell Metabolism, looked at protein intake and link to increased mortality and cancer rates. The authors concluded that:

These results suggest that low protein intake during middle age followed by moderate to high protein consumption in old adults may optimize healthspan and longevity.


News headlines around the world reported:

Perhaps many anti-Paleo folks gladly accepted this information and felt they were right to believe it was all a fad…  Yay. Dish out the pasta and grains, they exclaim.

And it is reasonable to assume that most of the public was once again confounded with- O.M.G. What is healthy? And what is not healthy?

These types of headlines may be good for ratings but not so great for nutrition. Nutrition is subjective enough as it is, and such misleading headlines negatively impacts the already shaky confidence of the public and decreases their willingness or desire to even bother making any changes in their current diet, even if they know what they eat now isn’t “the best”.

The study didn’t mention specifically what else the participating cohorts were eating. What kind of meat was it- grass fed or grain fed?

Dr. Perlmutter, who is leading the way with public awareness on the importance of Brain Health, summed it up perfectly:

More than 90% of the meat consumed in America is grain-fed as are the cows from which our dairy products are derived. This matters significantly. I wrote about the profound differences between grain-fed and naturally grass-fed meats in an earlier blog and have posted the research on this site.

The take home message is that this study basically uncovers the danger of eating animal products now purveyed in America. Grain-fed animals produce meat and dairy products dramatically higher in dangerous, inflammation producing omega-6 fats, while they are deficient in healthful, heart-protective, immune-enhancing, brain-friendly omega-3s. And it’s these alterations in fat ratios that relate to the very health issues we fear most including coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Excellent points, Dr. Perlmutter.

If you recall from previous post, the importance of the Omega 6:Omegas 3 ratio. Most Americans eat way too many Omega 6s.

Animal proteins may also affect gut bacteria, which could negatively impact your health.  Which speaks to the importance of maintaining a healthy gut.

To me, eating any one food in excess is not prudent. Opt for a BALANCED diet.

Most experts agree that protein in your diet is necessary. The debate on the best sources of protein wages on.

Forgoing feed-lot meat is definitely a good idea.

Just ditching all animal proteins is not going to automatically reduce your risk of disease, especially if you replace it with equally unhealthy options. Swapping out meat for carbs isn’t doing your waistline, not to mention your brain, any favors.

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