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Podcasts I like: Transition away from Processed Foods to a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by on Jun 24, 2014 in Podcasts | 0 comments

I commute for my job and podcasts have really made traffic bearable. I will start posting some of the ones I really liked and that I think you all may want to listen to. After work, instead of turning on the tv , click on these links and listen to it. Listen on your laptop while you make your meals, or getting ready for work. This is a great podcast and an overview on how to go from eating the Standard american diet to a healthier one. Episode 83, Latest in Paleo: Jonathon Bailor, this podcast further discusses appetite, and fat burning:   Listen to the entire podcast as...

Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal of the Day?

Posted by on Jun 18, 2014 in Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” We have all heard this before, but is it true and why? Which breakfast do you think is healthier? 1) cereal, glass of orange juice and toast or 2) eggs with sautéed spinach and bacon Before you answer, think of it in terms of how each food affects insulin levels. To review the glycemic index ranks foods 0-100; the higher the number, the more it spikes blood sugar. 1) cereal (Golden Grahams= 71, Shredded Wheat= 75, Fruit Loops= 69) + orange juice= 52 + toast= 71) 2) eggs + spinach + bacon are all considered foods that do not cause spikes in...

Eat This, Eat That: Context Matters

Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

Like clichés, nutritional “wisdom” is well recited.   Eat less, Exercise more. Calories in, Calories Out. Moderation is the key. Eat this. Don’t eat that.   We all have heard these nutritional pearls, but what do any of these ambiguous directives actually mean? For you? For me? I suppose on the surface, they seem reasonable to adhere to. The problem is, most of what is preached is so subjective and tends to lead to mass confusion. After months and months of being deep in the rabbit hole, I have come back to the surface to assess the scenery. And what have I discovered? My biggest observation is that both...

Is Soda bad for you?

Posted by on Mar 25, 2014 in Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

La La La I Can’t Hear You Yesterday I was casually chatting with a nurse practitioner about nutrition and her comment to me was, unless you can PROVE to me that hormones and antibiotics in food are harmful, I am not buying organic anything. Um… Ironically, where is the proof that any of those things ARE safe? Because people aren’t keeling over immediately from ingesting growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and GMOs they are free and clear to eat? Is proof really what most people want? I have had a few friends scoff at me because if and when (on a very rare occasion now) that I would eat potato chips,...

Food: Looking Beyond The Package

Posted by on Mar 22, 2014 in Health & Nutrition, Products | 0 comments

self-a·ware·ness noun: 1.    
conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives, and desires. 2.    an awareness of one’s own personality or individuality For some of us who subscribe to Clean Living and Clean Eating, it can at times feel alienating. Once you begin down the path of exploring and eliminating potential toxins and chemicals in your life, you are no longer in the “norm”. Everyday items that the majority does not think about are now looked at in a new light. I’d like to think I have enough self-awareness to not push my beliefs on others. My passion for wanting to be informed and informing others can be misconstrued...

Water: A Renewable Resource?

Posted by on Mar 17, 2014 in Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

Here is a clip from the eye-opening 2008 documentary, Blue Gold: World Water Wars. IMG_4026 Makes you think, huh? Well, if you live in an Industrialized Nation, access to clean water isn’t revered as a luxury, it is an expected resource. Water is readily available to drink, to wash with, and even to water our plants and yards with. Extra Extra: Water Scarcity and Conservation is not something I need to worry about, says most Americans. When polled, the majority of the people’s views on whether drinking water will become scarce or not is that it is not going to happen for hundreds, may be even thousands of years from...

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