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Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in EMF, Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

Baby Steps into a Healthier Existence


Let’s face it, with ALL the (conflicting) headlines and the ever-changing recommendations, it may seem as if you just cannot keep up.

Give yourself a break, and realize a healthier life style takes time. Don’t expect to change everything all at once.

Pick 1-2 topics at a time and start with the easiest thing for you to change… Ugh. She said change.

I love you, now change. Haha.

Perhaps the reason it seems overwhelming is because you may start talking to someone who is at a expert level of bio-hacks, and thus their life may seem so extreme, intimidating or unattainable. You don’t get a black belt, the first day on the mat. You learn, you build and then you eventually feel as if it is all second nature to you.

Where to begin? First what are the categories you are attempting to explore?

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Home bio-hacks
  • EMF awareness

I think nutrition and sleep (effects of EMF on sleep) are crucial.

Pick a poison and decide which is easiest for you to change. If you haven’t gotten off the couch for years, telling yourself you’re going to run in the morning is most likely setting yourself for failure. Even if you literally stood up and sat down in your chair, that is a start!


The thing about nutrition, is it is so subjective, emotional and although one of the most important things to get dialed-into, it is often the toughest to alter initially. Be realistic.

EMF awareness is the least on most radars, but don’t you think it is easier to ditch your cordless phone or bluetooth headset than that bag of potato chips?

I focused on sleep and EMF last, but I actually think sleep needs to come first. Getting the proper and right sleep may even help in weight loss.

If you stay up until 12-1am every night, try to go to bed 1 hour earlier for the first week. And depending when you wake up, going to bed at 10-11pm may get you to 7 hours of glorious sleep a night.

But, don’t forget, if you are staring into your phone or laptop and watching tv before bed, this is hurting your chance at deep sleep. Blue light affects your melatonin production. See here for what Harvard Health reports on dangers of blue light.

Even if you aren’t ready to dive into a digital detox, you can take a few steps to mitigate your exposure.

  • Blublocker glasses- wear at least 1-2 hours before bedtime, and if possible, as soon as it gets dark. Amazon actually has a few decent looking pairs. I finally just started wearing mine starting around 8pm, and I actually find myself getting tired way earlier than I used to.
  • f.lux on your laptop
  • Switch out your bedside lamp with red light bulb. Don’t forget if you have a hallway nightlight, to switch those bulbs as well. Any blue light during the night will disrupt your melatonin.
  • If you haven’t made to switch to hard wiring your electronics, at least turn off your wireless router before bedtime
  • consider getting black-out curtains. You can also get blackout panels, and put a double rod (or sew) and place behind existing curtains.
  • Ditch or remove cordless phone from your bedroom. Most have constant pulse signals.
  • Use battery operated alarm clock and/or make sure to cover up the light display; if you wake up and look at your iPhone in the middle of the night, you just disrupted… you guessed it, melatonin.

And these above things aren’t hard and are easier than running, yes?


  • Filter your water. Stop drinking chlorine and fluoride. Zero Water pitcher filters fluoride.
  • Also. For those of you drinking of your refrigerator and think it’s filters your water…. Many reports show that the fridge doesn’t filter much and it is similar to tap water.
  • Advanced: Vit C shower filters, they screw right into your existing shower-head. You will notice, or actually begin to notice the lack of the chlorine smell.
  • Check out Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf,  Colin Champ, and Gary Taubes book, Why We Get Fat- all great resources on how to get started. Experts in ancestral health and have so much great content on their respective websites.
  • Stay tuned for my post on the Polarization of Viewpoints, but my hint to you on food is- don’t get caught up in naming your diet. Do not go from one dogma, to another… Stick to REAL food. Slowly move away from things that are in boxes and bags. Try adding a vegetable to your meal. If pasta was the star of the plate, move it over and make it the side dish. Add protein and fat. Do not be afraid of fat!
  • Learn that WHEN you eat carbs makes a huge difference; how eating carbs and sugar in the morning may be making you hungrier; also seasonal carb eating may be beneficial.
  • Advanced level: Neurosurgeon, Dr. Jack Kruse takes it beyond Paleo, and incorporates Cold Thermogenesis.  Aside from CT, he is a big proponent of reducing EMF.
  • Oral health is also very important. Consider looking for a certified Holistic Dentist. But beware, some offices claim to be holistic, but are not. For example, ask them about Mercury fillings, and what brand of composites they use as an alternative. I just found out the most common choose is made up of Aluminum! ugh. If they use such composites, they are not holistic in the true sense of their protocols. And an emotional topic, but if truly holistic, they will not recommend root canals.



  • Begin to assess your home for outdated products— such as aluminum (non stick) pans, BPA (plastic plates, glasses). Switch to glass and stainless steel.
  • I am a BIG fan of Dr. Bronners Castille soap. Pure soap. Costco actually sells the giant bottle now for under $10.
  • Expert level: Ben Greenfield has some great bio-hacks for life and home.
  • Begin to reduce your EMF exposure.
  • Advanced: Borrow or get a micro-surge meter to measure the amount of dirty electricity and look into the Stetzer filters.  (You may not be at this point yet, but put this nugget in the back of your head: do NOT ground yourself (as in mats or socks) to outlets where the dirty electricity is high, because you could be doing more harm than good).

Just remember, your road to a healthier you shouldn’t be stressful.

Realize that some of the information you begin to explore may contradict your current beliefs; take it all in strides.

Assumptions are not facts, and information isn’t wisdom.

You cannot do everything at once, but you can choose to take the first step. Good luck on your journey.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”~ Albert Einstein. 

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