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Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Clean Eating, Health & Nutrition | 0 comments

Current Events: Sugar Recommendations and New Food Labels Proposals

The World Health Organization has announced that they will change their sugar recommendations.

Upon hearing the news, it sounded as if The WHO had lowered the recommended sugar intake by 50%, but it may not be their official stance. According to BBC News, this recommendation isn’t set.

Announcing the new draft measures, the WHO said in a statement: “WHO’s current recommendation, from 2002, is that sugars should make up less than 10% of total energy intake per day.

“The new draft guideline also proposes that sugars should be less than 10% of total energy intake per day.

“It further suggests that a reduction to below 5% of total energy intake per day would have additional benefits.”

Dr Francesco Branca, WHO’s nutrition director, told a news conference that the 10% target was a “strong recommendation” while the 5% target was “conditional”, based on current evidence.

“We should aim for 5% if we can,” he added.

The plans will now go for public consultation, with firm recommendations expected this summer.

Considering the level of obesity, experts argue that 10% is still too high.

Are American’s ready to put down that breakfast muffin and skip the cereal?

Also, in the news is the new FDA Food Label Proposal. This is a great step in the right direction.

These changes, proposed by the FDA, were unveiled by first lady, Michelle Obama last week.

It makes sense to me to call attention to the fact that most food items are seemingly deceptive. Currently, a 20 oz soda bottle says 2.5 servings. How many people actually drink it that way?


I wonder if people would drink the entire bottle if the label actually said 67.5 grams of sugar, rather than 27 grams?

This is what the proposed label looks like:



I am a big fan of the added sugar line to the label.

Undoubtedly, I am sure the Food Industry is already gearing up and spending billions of dollars to block this, claiming some type of foul. How dare a label be too easy to understand, without having to do math!

Stay tuned for more on how it all shakes out.

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